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Supporting Your Children

We love working with children, teens and their families. At Grace North Therapy, we believe children and teens are doing their best to navigate the challenges they may be facing. We work collaboratively with children and their families to foster emotional expression, teach coping skills, enhance communication, and build resilience for a healthier future.

Common reasons parents and families seek support are listed here, this list is not exhaustive, so please feel free to reach out to us and we can work together to see if the practice is a good fit for your family!


Experiencing trauma can profoundly impact a child’s well-being and interfere with their day-to-day life. Therapy offers a safe space for your child to process their feelings and helps them make sense of what happened, build skills to grow and move back into their life with more resilience and confidence.

Anxiety & Depression

Depression can feel like a dark cloud hanging over your child’s head. Therapy offers a safe and compassionate space where your child can express their thoughts and feelings. We will help your child/teen understand their emotions better and develop practical coping skills.

Anxiety can be overwhelming for both kids and parents. It’s normal for children to feel worried sometimes. Still, when anxiety starts interfering with their daily life, therapy can provide a supportive space for your child to understand and manage their anxious feelings, empowering them to face their fears and build resilience confidently.

Emotion Regulation

Emotions can feel big and scary for both children and their parents. Therapy provides a nurturing space where your child can learn to identify, express, and manage their feelings healthily, offering them the tools to navigate their emotions confidently.  


Divorce can have a profound impact on children, often causing emotional distress and confusion. Therapy provides a safe space to help children navigate these feelings alongside a supportive therapist who can help your child make sense of their feelings as well as develop healthy coping strategies to support them during a difficult time.

Trouble at Home or School

Trouble at home and school can lead to stress, low mood, and difficulty concentrating. These challenges can impact your child’s overall well-being and academic performance. Therapy provides a safe space to explore what might be contributing to your child’s difficulty and support them and you to manage stress better, build resilience, and enhance their ability to succeed at home and school. 


Low self-esteem can impact your child’s confidence, relationships, and well-being, leading to doubts about their abilities and difficulty expressing themselves. Therapy at Grace North can help your child challenge negative beliefs, build self-acceptance, and develop healthier self-perceptions, fostering a positive self-image and more vital, emotional well-being. 

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Psychodynamic Therapy
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Children and Youth Mental Health Matters

Parenting in today’s rapidly changing world can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainties. Now more than ever we are worrying about our children’s mental health and how to best help them. We understand the unique challenges that modern children, teens and parents face. Our therapy practice is dedicated to fostering growth, resilience, and confidence in your child, empowering them to overcome challenges and thrive.

Our Child & Youth Psychotherapy Team

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